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The world of charitable giving is always changing, but one thing that never goes away is the need for charities to maximise the value of philanthropic tax reliefs.

The most important of these reliefs is gift aid, which according to HMRC will be worth around £1.2bn to the charitable sector in 2014/15.

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If you are receiving state benefits you are still allowed to volunteer.

However, there are some rules that you need to be aware of to make sure that your volunteering doesn’t have an impact on the benefits you receive.

This guidance aims to help you start volunteering by giving an overview of what you need to know and providing some answers to some of the questions you may have before you start volunteering.

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...published by CFG and Sayer Vincent

Charity Finance Group and accountancy firm Sayer Vincent have launched a free guide for charities dealing with risk, which says charities don't consider risks faced by their organisation.

The guide, Rethinking Risk – Beyond the Tick Box, tells charities that risk management should be integrated with other management processes such as planning rather than treating it as a stand-along exercise.

Voluntary and Community Action Sunderland would like to say, a really big thank you to everyone who took time out to complete our recent consultation, it is very much appreciated.
Determining the future support needs of the sector in an ever changing environment is quite a challenge.  VCAS are now in the process of restructuring to ensure the services required now and the year ahead are those most relevant, and by the most appropriate methods of delivery. 

Do you work with vulnerable people in fuel poverty?

Would you like to earn unrestricted income for your organisation by referring clients?

VONNE, British Gas and VCAS are working together on a new scheme called the ‘Community Challenge’ that helps people in fuel poverty receive free ‘A rated’ energy efficient gas boilers. For each successful referral to the Challenge, your organisation will receive an installation reward fee of £40.

Communites Can '5 Star' Support from VCAS

Your organisation  may be able to qualify for a voucher to get FREE help or specialist advice.
Is your income up to £10,000 per year?
Are you involved in a local community group or organisation working across Sunderland

VCAS Support Includes:

The Charity Commission has launched a new public beta online charity registration service.

This is the first of the commission’s new digital services, transforming the experience customers and trustees have with the commission, which will become ‘digital by default’.

The Charity Commission has issued new guidance for charities engaged in trading activities.  The new guidance, named Trustees trading and tax: how charities may lawfully trade (CC35), clarifies and builds on existing guidance published in July 2001, providing further "practical advice” for charities using trading subsidiaries and reporting on legal developments implemented af

HM Revenue and Customs has launched a tool to enable charities to update their details online.  This week it launched the online form service for ChV1 form along with a guide for completing the process.