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How to identify and record the people who own or control your company.?

A person with significant control (PSC) is someone who owns or controls your company. They’re sometimes called ‘beneficial owners’.

You must identify your PSC and tell us who they are. This might be you, or someone associated with your company. A company can have one or morePSC.

There is a lot of coverage of Oxfam this week – leading to a wider discussion on how we can deal with harm and abuse should it arise, and the role of criminal records. As we think about what steps we can all take next, here are some things to consider and resources you might find useful.

This week, the revelations by Helen Evans now make us question, ‘are Oxfam charity shops a safe place for our young people to volunteer?’ and prompted many to ask, ‘can better use of criminal records checks prevent these types of shocking incidents?’.

Vonne have created an overview of the new GDPR regulation, signposting to useful resources, and will be updated regularly.

The GDPR strengthens the rights of individuals to access and amend their personal data; places greater emphasis on an organisation’s accountability; and introduces more serious consequences for non-compliance, including fines. 

Key definitions

PAUL TITCHER - The voluntary sector expert has recently released an easy-to-read guide to the new GDPR regulations, which come into force on 28 May.  more

In addition, Sinton's Law has also produced a GDPR checklist, covering topics including data mapping, security breaches and direct marketing.  more

watch this space, go to our Resource section and weekly in our connect for GDPS updates.

A great way to dip your toe into social enterprise’. over three full day sessions with like-minded people, led by an expert tutor with experience of running a social enterprise.


You must be unemployed or not in work or full time education, over 19 years old and live in the Durham or Tyne and Wear/Northumberland area

Course Location

Social Enterprise UK has published a guide for people working in local government, to help them understand and use the potential of social enterprises.

The Connect Fund has launched a new website dedicated to providing information about the fund, grant applications, news, blogs, resources and more.

It is near impossible to miss the headlines relating to our sector at the moment, but whilst it might be easy to consider these as ‘big charity’ issues, the problems surrounding Oxfam present important lessons for the smaller members of our sector too.


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1a. Big Lottery Building Better Opportunities programme

Good Finance has published a blog for organisations that are considering seeking out social investment.

You can read their five tips to get ready for social investment here.